Classes SPRING 2018 – Little Ones through 12th grade

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1st Hour2nd Hour3rd Hour4th Hour5th Hour
BabiesLittle OnesLittle OnesLittle OnesLittle OnesLittle Ones
2's & 3'sPre-SchoolPre-SchoolPre-SchoolPre-SchoolPre-School
Pre-kPre-KPre-KPre-KCook A BookLet's Build
KindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergartenCook A BookLet's Build
1st -2nd gradeWeather WondersFun with FitnessDiscovering Great ArtistsDr. Seuss on the LooseJump Rope Games
Fun and Simple SculptingHaving Fun With Maps and GeographyLegosCultures around the World
3rd-5th GradeApologia: Flying Creatures (3rd-6th)Beginning SpanishPaper Mache FunApologia: Chemistry and Physics (3rd-6th)***Forensic Science Fun
DodgeballFun in a BoxAnne of Avonlea (4th-8th)SoccerAbacus Math (3rd-8th)
Chess ClubArt ExpolorersJump Rope Games
6th-12th GradePre-Algebra *Algebra 1* (7th-12th)General Science *Anatomy and Physiology * (9th-12th)Conversational Spanish
Geometry * (8th-12th)Government ***History of Classical Music ***Chemistry* (9th-12th)Chemistry* (9th-12th)
History and Philosophy of the Western World * (9th-12th)Latin ***Praise and Worship Band (8th-12th)Physical Science * (7th-12th)IEW: *** Ancient History (6th-9th)
Where There's a Will, There's an AGroup Vocal PerformanceChess ClubTypingHealth Basics/First Aid
Thinking GamesOutdoor Games for TeensPie Making, Amish StyleDodgeballBullseye II
Apologia: Exploring Creation: Flying Creatures (3rd-6th)Anne of Avonlea (4th-8th)Apologia Chemistry and Physics (3rd-6th)Abacus Math (3rd-8th)
Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall

Updated 4/18/2016

   * 2 Semester 15-week class

 ** 1 Semester 15-week class

*** 2 Semester 10 week class