Spring Week 1 Newsletter

PATH Spring Week 1 Newsletter

  • 1st day arrival and Nametags
  • Worship/Pledge
  • Class Fee Checks for YOU
  • Essential Oils
  • 5th Hour 5 minute Clean Up Duties
  • Welcome New Families
  • Calendar

1st Day Arrival and Nametags:  Come early!  You will want to get your nametags and locate your classes before 9am.  Nametags will be in room 105. (Near gym) Coffee provided free of charge.

Worship/Pledge: Sign up to lead worship and pledge!  And Bell Ringer.  Don’t want to miss that one.

Class Fees Checks: Are ready.  You may pick it up on Monday as long as your lesson plans have been turned in to the appropriate GLC and approved.

Essential Oils Remember to be careful when using EO.  Please refrain from applying in the classroom and never give/apply to kids (who aren’t yours). Some are allergic or have other adverse reactions.  I have a wonderful list of safe/harmful oils at the desk if you care to look .  Thank you!

5th Hour 5 minute clean up:  At the end of the day, please do the following (students can help!):

  • Wipe tables, push in chairs
  • Gather supplies in classroom Walmart bag
  • Erase white boards

Welcome New Families– We have several new families joining us this Spring, Drago, Terrone, Glover, Taylor, Kerry.  Welcome!!!! We’re so happy you’re joining us! And the Panaks are back!! Welcome back Lisa and Jacob.

Calendar:  Attached in my email is a google doc calendar with as many dates as we could think of. Please make note of SPRING BREAK DATES!!!! (Mar 13-17)