Spring Week 2 Newsletter

PATH Spring Week 2 Newsletter

  • Super Hero T-Shirt Day
  • Phones at PATH
  • Class Suggestions…already?
  • PATH Big Tent account

Super Hero T-Shirt Day:  Wear yours to PATH this Monday!

Phones at PATH:  No student or parent should be on their phone during class.  The only exception to this has been in Study Hall, where students may quietly listen to music as long as they do not disturb others, or when they use the calculator function as approved by the teacher.   TEACHERS- you are free, welcome and encouraged to take up phones if it becomes a problem. 

CLASS SUGGESTIONS…ALREADY?  Yes!  Please be thinking of classes you would like to see on the schedule for next semester. Suggestion forms will go out NEXT WEEK.  Remember: If you want to see it on the schedule, SUGGEST IT!!!  More details and instructions later.

Big Tent:   Please join our PATH Big Tent account.  At this point we will use this mainly to sell/buy curriculum….like a classifieds, but just for us.  If you need a link to the invite, let me know.