Good morning!  What a lovely May week we are being blessed with.  Happy Mother’s Day weekend.  You are some of the THE BEST Mother’s I know and I hope you get spoiled.  Or at least get a nap, or don’t have to do dishes.

Please take a look at and save the link to our calendar!  It’s attached below.


PATH May Newsletter

  • Class Fee Checks Deposited
  • Website
  • GLC’s
  • 15 Week Teacher/Parent Meeting
  • New Families/Orientation
  • Yahoo Group
  • Database TIPS
  • 2016-17 Google Calendar
  • Summer Deadlines

Class Fee Checks Deposited:  July 15th.  This is the last day to make changes to your schedule without a penalty. After this date, you will be responsible for the new class fee as well as the old class fee.  This is so our teachers can begin purchasing materials for their classes with a guaranteed number of students (money!).  If you haven’t turned these in…Now is the time. Thanks.

Website:   Our main website, (not the database) is under construction!!! Angel Hargrave is giving us a much needed update, so it will be down for a couple of weeks.  Thanks, Angel!!!!  This is so exciting!

GLC’s:  Please contact your GLC (Grade Level Coor.) for lesson plans, materials, ideas, etc.  They are here to help and may have the resource you’ve been looking for.

Nursery-2nd Grade:      Kathryn Sowell  

3rd-5th Grade:                Emily Plummer  

6th-12th Grade:              Emily Plummer

15 Week Teacher/Parent Meeting:  We will have a meeting for all 15 week teachers and parents of 15 week students during lunch on Aug 15. Please make plans to attend!  More information later.

New Families/ Orientation: Please welcome the following families to PATH: Bishop, Cross, Colbert, Lovelace and Lankford.  Welcome!!!!!!  We will have a meeting on Aug 29 for all new families.  Please make plans to attend, or you will need to arrange another time for orientation. More info about this later.  Just save the date.

Yahoo Group: If you’d like to stay connected and learn about field trips and get togethers, join our yahoo group.  Contact Lavonne Hernandez.

Database TIPS:

  1. Access address/phone numbers for all enrolled families though our database.  Look under Family Information.
  2. Class Rosters are located:  Class Detail, Active, (choose class from drop down menu), Other Information, at the bottom you will see a link to the Class Roster.
  3. Class Fee Total is found on your registration page.  Again, don’t forget building fees.

2016-17 Calendar:  Attached is the calendar for next year.  Please refer to this often, we’ve tried to put anything and everything on it we could think of.


Summer Deadlines/Dates:  


By July 1 –        Classes cancelled if needed.

July 15 –        Last day to make class changes without a penalty.  After this date, you will be responsible for the old class fee and the new class fee.

July 18             Application/Enrollment Deadline

July Aug 1        15 Week Lesson Plans DUE

Aug 15             15 Week Classes Begin, PARENT/TEACHER Meeting

Aug 29             10 Week Lesson Plans DUE

Sept 12            10 Week Classes Begin