PATH July Newsletter

  • Class Fee Checks Deposited, Class Change Penalty
  • Get your books!
  • 15 Week Teacher/Parent Meeting
  • New Families, Orientation Meeting
  • Yahoo Group
  • 2016-17 Calendar
  • Summer Deadlines

Class Fee Checks Deposited:  July 15th.   This is the last day to make changes to your schedule without a penalty. After this date, you will be responsible for the new class fee as well as the old class fee.  This is so our teachers can begin purchasing materials for their classes with a guaranteed number of students (money!).

Get your books!:  Begin NOW, if you haven’t already, getting your books and other supplies for 15 week classes.  It will be here before you know it. Take if from someone who may have had to pay expedited shipping in order to be prepared for the first day of class.

15 Week Teacher/Parent Meeting:  We will have a meeting for all 15 week teachers and parents of 15 week students during lunch on Aug 22. Please make plans to attend!  We will cover expectations, grading, homework and anything else you can think of.

New Families:  We have several!  Welcome to you all.  There will be a new family Orientation Meeting on August 29 at noon.  where we will regale you with all there is to know about PATH, how we operate, the handbook, “typical day at PATH”, etc.  More info soon.

Yahoo Group: If you’d like to stay connected and learn about field trips and get togethers, join our yahoo group.  Contact Lavonne Hernandez.

2016-17 Calendar:  Attached is the calendar for next year.  Sent in the email.

Summer Deadlines:  

July 15 –           Last day to make class changes without a penalty.  After this date, you

Will be responsible for the old class fee and the new class fee.

July 18             Application/Enrollment Deadline

Aug 1               15 Week Lesson Plans DUE

Aug 15             15 Week Classes Begin,

Aug 22              PARENT/TEACHER Meeting  during LUNCH

Aug 29             10 Week Lesson Plans DUE, NEW FAMILY ORIENTATION

Sept 12            10 Week Classes Begin