Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the application process?

Once your application paperwork (access that here), including references, and the $75 fee has been received, you will be contacted for a phone interview. If/when all seems to be in order; you will receive an email inviting your family to join PATH.  At that point, we will enter your information into our database and send you registration instructions. Your application is complete when:

  • Application submitted online
  • Registration check is received
  • References are received
  • Phone interview complete
  • Background check complete

We will not cash your application fee check until we have confirmed that we have an opening for your family, have accepted your application into PATH and have confirmed that you wish to participate in PATH the following semester.

How does the waitlist for PATH work?

You are placed on the waitlist when a grade is full even if we have room for the remainder of your family. To be placed on the waitlist: we require you to fill out the application and mail in your $75 registration fee. You are placed on the waitlist based on the date we receive your check. If two applications come in that are competing for the same opening then the first to get their fee in is the first in line for the co-op spot.

Where can I read PATH rules and regulations?

Example: dress code, attendance, and discipline.

Our Handbook is located HERE

When is PATH in session?

PATH meets on Mondays from 9:00am-3:00pm. There are 5 class hours and one hour for lunch/assembly/worship.

What are the membership requirements?

Each family is required to earn 2 credits to maintain membership in PATH. Credits are earned by:


  • Teaching 2 classes = 2 credits, 1 class = 1 credit
  • Set up Crew ( 10 weeks) = 2 credits, 5 weeks = 1 credit
  • Cleanup Crew (10 weeks) = 2 credits, 5 weeks = 1 credit
What classes do you offer?

You may access our current list of classes under the Classes tab.

Is there a minimum age for children to attend PATH?

PATH welcomes and has classes for children of all ages, birth through 12th grade. Families must have at least one child of “school” age ( kindergarten and older) to attend.

How does PATH determine a students’ grade level?

All children must register for classes within their age level. For example, if your child is 5 on or before Sept. 1, they must register for the Kindergarten Kids class. All age levels will use Sept. 1 for the cutoff date. You must have an exemption from a grade level coordinator to take classes at a higher level before registering. However, children may take classes below grade level without an exemption as long as space is available for that class.

Can I move my child up a grade level?

Many homeschool students work above grade level at home. However, at PATH, we strive to keep students with their age group. To keep consistency and prevent significant grade level spans in the classroom, the following guidelines will be used:

  • Pre-K through Elementary Grades:  For a child to move up a grade level, up to and including grade 5, the teachers of this child will be informed to specifically observe the student for two weeks. If 3 out of 5 of the student’s teachers agree that this student is ready both socially and academically to move up, after conferring with the Coordinator and the Director, it will be approved.
  • Middle and High School:  Students may move up one (1) grade level from their birth placement. For example, any 8th grader may move up into a class labeled as a 9th grade class (with Coordinator and Director approval), but may not move into a class labeled as a 10th-grade class.
    • Students wishing to move up one full grade level for all classes must have two evaluations done, one by the higher grade level Coordinator and one by another board member, preferably the lower grade level Coordinator. Move-ups for full grade level must then be approved by a majority vote of the Board.
    • Any student moved up a full grade level will not have the option of moving up another (2nd) level for any classes. For example, if a student is moved up to 8th grade but their age places them in 7th grade, the move up to a 9th-grade class is not available to them.


What if I only want to register for a few classes, not the whole day?

PATH requires members to be on campus all day. Students must be registered for 5 classes and parent(s) must be present and working the whole day. We do not offer a half day option. We rely on each member to help make PATH work.

What is the difference between 10-week classes and 15-week classes?

PATH has 2 tracks. The main track is 10 weeks long. During the 10 week session, all classes meet for all age groups. The 15-week track is only for upper-grade core academic classes. This allows an extra 5 weeks of instruction for these students. These extra 5 weeks are added at the beginning and end of the 10-week session.

What curriculum does PATH use?

The curriculum is solely up to the teacher of the class. However, for some of our upper-level academic core classes PATH has chosen to use:

BJU (Bob Jones University) – for all Math Pre-Algebra and above.

Apologia Science – for General and Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry.

The course catalog lists materials needed, books used, homework required, etc.

How does PATH choose which classes to put on the schedule?

Each semester our members turn in class suggestions for the following semester. These suggestions are compiled into a survey. Families vote for classes. Each child is allotted a certain number of votes, both first and second choices. The votes are tallied, and the classes with the most votes go on the schedule.

We work hard to offer the classes most requested by our families while also keeping a balance between enrichment, academic, and sports.

More about class suggestions and surveys HERE.

What do I do all day if I’m not teaching a class?

Assist. All classes at PATH will have at least 2 adults. You will be assigned classes to assist in throughout the day. The assistant’s job is to help the teacher in any and every way, whether that be gathering supplies, sitting with students to learn with them, helping them stay engaged, grading, etc.

We also need 2-3 floaters every hour. Those moms/dads will report to the administration table at the beginning of the hour. The board member on duty will then assign each floater a classroom to assist in for that one-week depending on which classes have absent assistants.

Can I drop off my child for classes at PATH?

No. Parents must stay on-site with their children. Our parents assist the teachers in classrooms while their children are taking classes. The parents may or may not choose to assist in the classes that their children take, but the parents cannot leave the Church if their children are in classes at PATH.

How much does PATH cost?

An enrollment fee of $75 per family is charged each semester to cover PATH’s building rental, copy costs, postage, and supplies. This fee is paid when you turn in your application/re-enrollment each semester. Application fees are not refundable if you choose to withdraw from PATH before the semester starts.

You will also pay for the classes that your children will be taking. This amount will vary per family depending on the number of children you have and the cost of the classes that you allow them to take. Individual class prices can vary from $5 per semester to more than $25 per semester. These are paid once each semester.

The 15-week core academic classes will have a teacher fee of $50 per class per semester as well as a building fee of $15 per class per semester.  All of these fees will be shown on the registration page of the database as you register each of your children.  They are also listed in our COURSE CATALOG.

PATH is affordable because our families do all of our own work. Each of our moms/dads teach, clean up after PATH is over each week or set-up the Church for our teachers before PATH starts each Monday morning. PATH couldn’t exist if our parents didn’t teach and clean to return the Church to an excellent condition. The Church will not allow us to continue to use their facility if we do not clean and care for it with a grateful spirit of good stewardship. <em>Please take better care of the Church than you do your own home. If you see trash, pick it up; if you see a child sitting on a table, tell them to get down.

Do you do background checks?

Yes. Each attending adult volunteer will submit a background check. All information is submitted online through a link provided during the application process. The fee is $12 and paid for by the applicant.

Does PATH hire outside teachers?

PATH does not hire outside teachers or tutors. Parents provide all instruction except for piano lessons.


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This is our meeting place only. Please do not try to contact us through the church.

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